EvoWorld.io Mods

evoworld.io mods

Evoworld.io is a fun-filled and addictive io game that you should not miss playing. You start playing like a fly and evolve gradually becoming a great predator in the new game Evoworld.io. To evolve, you must eat, all with green color. But be careful with everything that is marked with a red circle. Look at the water, you must drink to survive. So, can you become the biggest bird and eat everyone on your way to Evoworld.io? Let us know more features of this game in the following.  Some players try to be the first by using Evoworld.io mods.

EvoWorld.io Game

Evoworld.io is a survival game in which you will need to control a fly. You have to learn to fly and survive or die. In this amazing game, you have to search for food and try to survive as long as you can against animals and other players. In the play, when you will go level up, you will evolve in the new animals which are larger in size and greater in power.

You must eat animals with green borders. You should avoid animals with red borders because they can eat you. Each character has a special skill. For this reason, you can eliminate opponents by using the special abilities of your character. Don’t forget to level up to become the strongest character in the game.

evoworld.io mods

All animals have predators which you must be aware of so do not stop and keep moving. You have to survive and make sure not to become someone else’s food.

You have to keep flying or be eaten. Give your best and show that you have the best surviving skills. You can eat creatures with a green border and do not eat with red ones. And make sure to drink water. Some players are looking for Evoworld.io mods and extensions on the Internet because they can be the first in the game using Evoworld.io mods.

EvoWorld.io Features

This multiplayer game is very stylish and unique. In Evoworld.io, your main aim is to eat other animals and earn points. While playing this game, you will be qualified for other stages and thus you can evolve into a big and strong creature eventually. Isn’t that interesting? You will also see an XP bar that is located at the top and you have to eat animals that are coming in your way. You will surely enjoy every level of this game.

Animals are the main feature of this game. Each animal can drink water, eat food, and fly. Every animal has predators they should avoid as well. There is a total of 45 different animal stages in this game which is playable on Evoworld.io.

EvoWorld.io Controls

– For controls: Use Arrows or Mouse

– For skill: Right-click or Space

Thus, Evoworld.io is a food chain-based IO game. We recommend creating your account to save your progress and get a bonus whenever you gain level. Enjoy and share with your friends!

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